Why Us?

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1. Error free quality output
2. Cost saving.
3. Time saving.
4. Low turnaround time.
5. Speedier services delivery.
6. Dedicated team.

Quality is our Top Priority:

We have developed and implemented check lists and QA & QC procedures and qualified engineers help to produce quality drawings.

Customized Setup:

We do customized setup in 3D model based on client's standards and specifications, shop and field practices.

Dedicated Team:

We retain and make available the services of the same project team so that client expectations are met and the learning curve is minimized and consistency is greatly improved.

On Time Delivery:

We take the delivery schedule for every project seriously and deliver on time. Our regular interaction with client ensures the deliverables.

Quick Turnaround:

We use the same project team to follow client approval comments to make sure quality and quick turnaround of shop drawings.


We invest in work place, dual monitors, remote backup, UPS and latest engineering software tools.


Our team leaders are industry veterans and the team members have deep domain knowledge in the respective engineering discipline and capable of handling any complex structure. Plus our teams are regularly trained in-house and by industry experts that leads to higher productivity.

Project Management:

We follow good and sound project management principles and guidelines such as weekly reports, conference calls, request for information, follow-up and document control for smooth execution of the project.

Competitive Rates:

We leverage best talent across the world and thereby able to achieve highly competitive range thus, cost saving to the client.

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